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Hess Windows in 1963!


Since 1946, Hess remains a family standard!  
Thank you to all the families that have welcomed Hess into their homes!


The Lehigh Valley’s Oldest Window & Door Company 

"Over twenty years ago, I sat in the same chair that can be found in my office today. I accepted minimum wage to install doors and windows. I saw the opportunity to work for a company with a 40-year reputation of honesty, stability, integrity, and quality of goods and services. From that first interview, I could see the promise of HESS WINDOWS & DOORS (known then as HESS Aluminum). It seemed like an eternity I installed products for Hess; looking back now, it was just the beginning of a long and successful career.

James Philips, who was known for being fair, but demanding to work for, a dubious quality I am accused of today, started Hess Aluminum in 1946. For twenty some years Mr. Philips owned Hess even selling his products in the famed Hess's Department Store. Hess was the "go to" place when it came to windows, doors and patio enclosures, still available today.

After his passing, the company was sold to three employees, Robert Lyons, John Billetz, and Bernard Balz. There I would gain experience in not only windows and doors, but also the understanding that satisfied, repeat customers, treated in the same fashion that we would expect our families to be, are crucial to the longevity of any successful company; never forgetting that quality products and service at competitive prices is the formula for success. I managed HESS for numerous years under their ownership. With the help from trusting family and friends, I would become the new owner of HESS Windows & Doors in July of 1999. Today finds our industry in a very competitive environment. The principles that I learned over the years are still as valuable today as they were over twenty years ago when I started at HESS.

Please allow me and my staff the opportunity, as we have with so many of our satisfied customers, to explain why now more than ever it is important to deal with a company with a proven record of success.

Jeff Bonacci

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